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Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

We like to do things our own special way in Agnes… and if you haven’t met our local fishmonger Kylie, then you haven’t experienced Agnes at its most special.

Now I’m going to take a moment to set the scene properly for you: Agnes Water Seafood is a one-woman operation, Kylie sells out of her refrigerated van at the local servo’, with a good novel and her dog by her side… but don’t think for one minute that this isn’t a classy operation. It’s all class!

Kylie buys locally line caught fish from local fishers. The catch varies season-to-season and day-to-day. Prize fish (like Red Emperor, Coral Trout or Mangrove Jack) might be sold whole, where larger fish (like Mackerel and Barra') will often be filleted or cut into steaks and cryovacced.

Kylie also buys prawns and bugs from family owned and locally operated small trawlers—no super trawlers. Even better than that, she buys “whole catches”. This means that she purchases the entire by-catch as well—leaving nothing to waste! This is ethical and sustainable fishing that helps to support our community.

So next time you stay at Beach Club be sure to go to the servo’ and meet Kylie, because nothing tastes better than fresh caught fish cooked your way. Cook it in your fully equipped kitchen, cook it on the BBQ on your veranda or cook it by the pool! Why not couple it with fresh locally grown produce from Ron’s farm and really make a local event of it?

…But if you really can’t be bothered with cooking then you can just sneak on down to Codie’s Café, they serve up Kylie’s fish (when Kylie has Mackerel, Codie’s Mackerel Special is… well… super special) and Latino Café bakes Kylie’s crustaceans into their pies!

Do it like the locals do it and enjoy Agnes at its very best!


Agnes Water Seafood
Caltex Service Station, 1 Captain Cook Drive, Agnes Water
Open Daily 11am-4pm (approximately)

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