Agnes Water and 1770

Agnes Water lies on the Discovery Coast of Central Queensland between Bundaberg and Gladstone just south of the Town of 1770. The area is surrounded by national parks and rainforests and the outstanding natural beauty, attractions and sights are unparalleled.

The area is close to Fitzroy Reef and Lady Musgrave Island and provides easy access to the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world's most significant natural wonders.

Agnes Water boasts many attractions with cruises departing regularly from the nearby coast. There is also an abundance of walking and 4WD tracks for the adventurer and the nearby waters provide a great spot for fishing for those keen on casting a line. The warm waters of Agnes Water are engaging and activities including swimming, surfing, diving and snorkelling can be enjoyed all year round. The beach at Agnes Water is also the most northern surf beach on the east coast of Australia and home to one the premier long board surfing competitions in the country.

There are no limits to this area's splendor - There's a Dugong colony, the sea turtles nest annually and migrating Humpback Whales cruise by every year.

With its wealth of natural beauty, pleasant sub-tropical climate and laid back style it is not surprising that Agnes Water has become a magnet for discerning people looking for the ultimate coastal lifestyle. As the Lonely Planet Guide says 'this land of stunning sunsets simply invites relaxation'.

It is no wonder that the Lonely Planet Guide has also listed Agnes Water as one of the top 10 destinations in Queensland. Click for your route to paradise

Agnes Waters Aerial Shot Agnes Waters Aerial Shot